My name is Jason Emery but you can call me “The Chief!” With the Kiaayo brand I put in a lot of thought into coming up with the name. I wanted to use a name that most people haven’t heard of before, also I love when people try to pronounce it I get a good laugh out of it. I got the idea of Kiaayo back in 2011. I put a few things on paper but never made any major moves to bring the brand to life. Lets just call it (procrastination) also I was afraid of failure. So, skip two years and in the year of 2013 I decide to say what’s the worst that can happen? And from my experience I notice our personality wants us not to stay stationary and wants us to keep exploring our imagination and not to keep it bottle up. So, with that I took a chance and motivated myself to make Kiaayo become a reality.

Kiaayo, is a clothing line which we like to cater to any age group. The word, Kiaayo is pronounced as Key+Eye+Yo is derived from Blackfoot Indian tribe which means ‘’Bear’’ or ‘’Bear Spirit’’ that is why we use the bear has our logo.

Connecticut is where the clothing line is based and our mantra, ‘’Stay Hungry & Wear Freely‘’ meaning to work hard and always be yourself.  Our brand Kiaayo is ever ready to Stay Hungry to our objective and that is to our customers by working endlessly to gain their satisfaction with our brands designs and also to encourage our customers to Wear Freely by being themselves and to represent our brand with their own hearts. Which means to celebrate the concept of Being Yourself and follow no one else but you.

Our line designs display our Kiaayo logo, our motto, and pop culture themes. We position our designs on tees, hoodies, and tank tops. We are also ready for experimentation with other styles and variety of clothing has well.

Always keep your head up Stay Hungry and Wear Freely.

Jason Emery aka “The Chief"